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Session Info

General Session Info:

I like to schedule sessions for about 2 hours, so the child can feel relaxed and get used to having a camera around. I shoot strictly on location, so any special places you have in mind, or if you prefer the comforts of your own home, be sure to have enough available light.


What to wear:

Keep it simple. I recommend layers and I have a list of stores I usually email clients upon booking. Bright colors are very nice, but try to stay away from bold logos and wordings that will “date” the images. I have several examples of coordinating wardrobes, if you’d like to see them, ask and I will email them to you. If you prefer, feel free to have 2-3 wardrobe changes. For newborns, a special blanket or hat will do and I will provide the rest.




Newborn sessions are special and need more time. Usually ranging between 3-6 hours, this will allow for feedings, diaper changes, soothing and placing baby to sleep.


• when

The best time for me to photograph your newborn is in the first 4-10 days. This is when baby is tiny and brand new. When he still loves to curl into those sweet womb-like positions. It's also when baby is most sleepy.


After 2 weeks or so, babies tend to stretch those legs out and spend more time awake. It is also when colic and baby acne can kick in, and I do apologize for that reminder!


• booking

Contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy since I book a limited amount of sessions each month. Because we never know for sure when baby will arrive (most of the time!), we will book your session then finalize our date/time once baby arrives.


• session

The bottom line: No stressing or cleaning allowed! You have enough going on (to put it mildly), so all you need to do is make sure baby is warm and fed, and I will take care of the rest. Once your session is booked I will send you a list of tips on how to prepare your newborn for their first professional photos.


During the session itself, I will begin with baby's portraits to capture that adorable new face, tiny hands and feet, bottoms, wrinkles, lips, eyelashes...sigh.... I do LOVE babies! Next, if you would like them (and I highly recommend it), I move on to images of baby with their parents. Lastly, if baby is still content (photographer-speak for 'sleepy'), I take some artistic shots of baby with items in your home or in your own backyard.